School Trips

For more than 50 years; Table Mountain has been offering ski/snowboard program to Schools across Saskatchewan and Eastern Alberta. We feel that every child should have the opportunity to experience skiing/snowboarding. Our certified CSIA and CASI instructors have customized programs to accommodate every grade (4-12) and ability level.

With our large Chalet there is plenty of space for quick rest and bite to eat. Our two quad chairs will have you spending less time standing in line and more time for fun on the slopes. With the newly expanded beginners area your kids will be having fun in a safe environment, while practicing their turns.

Hours of Operation

  • Chalet & Rentals – 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Lifts: 10:00am – 4:30pm

Grades 4-12 Program

  • Plan your school’s trip to Table Mountain today
  • The following information is provided to help you complete your registration with us
  • Necessary registration forms are provided below on this page
  • All schools MUST pre-book – Book your school early to make sure you get your preferred date and come join the excitement at Table Mountain. Call us at 1-306-937-2920 Ext 0. 
  • Our school program is designed for grades 4-12. It is not offered to K-3. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
  • All students are required to take a lesson.
  • Helmet Rental ONLY: $4.45 + GST & PST ($0.55)
  • Please add GST to all prices and PST on rentals.

2019-2020 Rates

2019-20 Rates Skis Snowboards
Lift Ticket $10.00+GST ($0.50) $10.00+GST ($0.50)
Rentals/Helmets $11.00+GST & PST ($1.21) $18.00+GST & PST ($1.98)
Lessons $8.00+GST (0.40) $8.00+GST ($0.40)
Full Package $29.00+Taxes ( $2.11) $36.00+Taxes ($2.88)

Disabled Lessons

Disabled Lessons
Ski or Sled (Must Pre-Book) $30.00 + GST/hr


Tubing Day Pass With Lift Ticket
$12.00 $7.00
  • Tax already included on TUBING prices
  • Height Restrictions: You must be at least 42 inches (110 cm) tall to ride in the tubing park
  • Tax Info: 5% GST on all prices • 6% PST on rentals

Teachers & Chaperones

  • One complimentary lift ticket and rental is provided for every ten students in attendance
  • School rate applies for chaperones not covered in the complimentary allowance
  • Lessons are not required but are available at a rate of $8.00 + GST
  • These items will be included on the school invoice

Get Started

  • Download (will be available in the fall of 2020) School Information Package – which includes all information that you need to get started on booking your school trip to Table Mountain.
  • Kitchen Prices will be available in the fall for the 2020-2021 season.
  • School Signup Form and School Group Lesson Forms must be filled out online two weeks prior to your ski day.
  • See steps 4 and 5 below to access the forms.
  • Download (will be available in the fall of 2020) andand Print Parent/Guardian Legal Consent Form here – Intact original signed by parent/guardian. MUST be submitted by the teacher in charge to front counter rentals staff. DO NOT CUT THIS FORM.
  • Download (will be available in the fall of 2020) and Print Rentals Info Form here – Collect prior to your ski day from students and hand back to students on the bus the morning of your trip to ensure each rental info form makes it to Table Mountain. MUST be submitted by each student upon request to the rentals staff. IMPORTANT: PREPARE EACH STUDENT TO HAVE THIS FORM READY BEFORE ENTERING RENTALS SHOP.
  • Download (will be available in the fall of 2020) Table Mountain School Signup ​Form here and use Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Open Office to complete your form.
  • Complete details for each class/grade in the School Signup Form file.
  • Save this file to on your computer.
  • Attach the saved xls file with your completed School Group Lesson Form in the next step.
  • This form must be completed and sent in 2 weeks prior to your scheduled ski day.
  • One School Group Lesson Form is required per school.
  • Use the Parent/Guardian Legal Consent forms that students have successfully handed back to you to compile necessary data required for this form.
  • Access (will be available in the fall of 2020) School Group Lesson Form here